Piazza Mazzini 46, 22021 Bellagio (CO)

The Cocktail Bar

An indoor lounge and an outdoor lakefront space for a break accompanied by a cocktail or snack, between walks around Bellagio.

Bellagio is a popular destination for tourists in search of both cultural and natural beauty: it is normal, therefore, that after strolling through the gardens of Villa Melzi or up the Serbelloni salita, many seek refreshment while looking at the lake and the beauty that surrounds it, accompanied perhaps by a drink and a snack. And it is here, between the Hotel and our Restaurant, that the Cocktail Bar is located: in Mazzini Square, right in front of the lake, with an indoor room and several tables outside, it is an ideal place for a break and a moment of relaxation between visits.

"Right in front of the lake, with an indoor room and several tables outside."

During your break, you can taste different cocktails prepared by our specialists: from the most classic Spritz, which is always popular, along with classics such as Mojito, Daiquiri, Manhattan, Gin or Vodka Tonic and many more. Added to the list is a selection of spirits such as Rhum, Whiskey, Cognac, Gin and Grappa, the latter a Made in Italy distillery tradition. For wine enthusiasts there are a variety of labels, domestic and international, which you can taste both by the bottle and by the glass. In addition to cocktails and alcoholic drinks, we have a wide selection of non-alcoholic cocktails for those who want a special mix without alcohol. Various snacks prepared for you by our Restaurant’s kitchen complete the selection.