Piazza Mazzini 46, 22021 Bellagio (CO)

The Restaurant

Whether in the large, wide-vaulted hall or in the garden right in front of the lake, the dishes on our menu are defined by careful research and great respect for the raw materials, following the seasonality of each one and the least amount of treatment necessary, in order to give each of our guests an excellent taste experience.

Our hotel’s restaurant inevitably inherits the history that distinguishes the entire facility.To welcome our guests, we have two locations, both of which are very atmospheric: the large indoor hall and the lakeside garden, the latter of which is very popular especially in the summer season.

The large hall, which is also used for breakfast, is a large hall with 19th-century vaults that still have original details of the period.The setting is discreet and functional, arranged on several levels, and the location is interior, quiet and private.

"The garden by the lake is lovely and picturesque."

The lakeside garden is clearly our most picturesque “room”: it directly overlooks the lake with a superb view of the Alps. It finds its best time in the spring and summer season, in which tables are arranged under some Wisteria trees, which in their period of full bloom provide an even more accentuated natural setting.

If during the day dining in the shade is pleasant, in the evening hours the sunset transforms the natural spectacle at hand into a truly magical moment: the reflections of the lights on the lake at dusk will give you indelible emotions and memories.

The Garden on Lake Como

The Great Hall

The Food

Seared Scallops, Corn Mayonnaise, Onion Ash Oil

Filet of Fassona Piemontese with Cardoncelli Mushrooms and Butter Café de Paris

In the dishes that our restaurant serves daily to hotel guests, as well as to the remaining tourists, there is above all the desire to bring to the table a cuisine that keeps alive the tradition of eating “Made in Italy.”

Tradition, then, but also refinement and a pinch of innovation to convey the DNA of Italian Cuisine from north to south, with the land and sea (but also lake) specialties that are part of the immense heritage of our Mediterranean cuisine.

"Taste Excellence Made in Italy."

It is in this way that our Chef, together with his brigade, selects raw materials following both seasonality and the principle of the short supply chain in order to bring fresh ingredients to the table directly from the producers.

Transformations are kept to a minimum where necessary to ensure proper regulatory and hygienic management. Every aspect is taken care of in order to give each of the guests an experience on a taste level that is excellent and, thanks to our locations, unforgettable.

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